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Welcome to my blog, where I hope you will be inspired and want to share comments and your inspirations and tips too!! I love to create cards, mini albums, gift bags,tags, and boxes and I hope to take you on the papercrafting Journey with me!! Follow along!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

please vote for :)

Please go here and vote for my wooden spoon mini album.  Lindy Stamp gang is having a Christmas contest, and I of course am hoping to win, that is of course if you like my project. If not, that is ok too, have a Merry Christmas:)                                                   Thanks Cathy


  1. Hi, they are awesome.. so i just clicked :) Wishing you a Happy Christmas xx

  2. WOW!! these are beautiful and I vote already:) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and stopping to also wish you a Happy New Year!!

  3. Hi Cathy. I did go there, and "Like" your project. I hope that's right. I just HAD to vote for yours. Since I first saw your wooden spoon project, I contacted Michele who graciously helped me (a lot) to make my wooden spoon albums. I LOVE them! So, now you've given me another idea - a garden shovel. SO cute! Thanks again for great inspiration. Hope you and your hubby are having a great New Years.

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