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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Double Bow tutorial

Good Morning To all you crafty people out there in Blog land.  This morning I am here to do a photo tutorial on the double bow ribbons I make.  I have had a lot of people asking how to do it and so I decided to do a blog post.  On line there are a lot of people that use  tools to make their ribbons, and since I do not have one, I make due with my fingers.  
there are some ribbons that make it easier to make the double bows, than others.  If your ribbon looks the same on both sides, same texture and pattern, than you are all set.  Otherwise you have to do a little twisting...that is another post for another day. first let us just the art of double bow mastered first.
First..choose your ribbon,  the one I am using today is 5/8".

grab one end and leave 3 inches or so for one of the tails ( longer if you want langer tails).  grab between your thumb and forefinger. If you are right handed..grab with your left.

with the rest of the ribbon, wrap around the back of your fingers and come down between your middle finger and your ring finger.

then continue on around the back of the index finger and come around so you end up going up over the top of the middle finger

At this point I cut the ribbon from the spool, leaving about 5 to 6 inches

Now I take the piece that I just cut...and feed it down between the middle finger and fore finger ( FIGURE 8)

grab it with my other hand and bring it up around to where it just went  down,  by my thumb

Now,take this tail...and push it under neath the piece of ribbon that is going across your thumb, pull your thumb out and pull the tail tight

It should then look like this

the last step is to remove from your fingers and cut the tails

then  embellish your project!!!  It may seem like a lot of steps and real difficult, but it truly is not.  Practice, practice.

Speaking of ribbons.. I wanted to also share a thank you gift bag I made for a customer.  I used the double Bow technique and I tried the Braided ribbon as well.  Not bad for the first time :)

Products used..
Really Reasonable Ribbons. 5/8 inch lavendar riboons
Tag cut with my Cricut from Art Philosophy cartridge
Gypsy CTMH ink
Feather from Zuckers feathers
greenery spray from Joanns
purple gems from CTMH
Hershey bar 
Mini Muslin bag from CTMH
and stamp set  "Tagged eith Love" 
Here are a couple more cards just because :)

Thanks for stopping by.  please stop back again :)


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  1. Thanks for your clear instructions. Got the link from CTMH.