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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Chalk Couture...Lets talk..

Hey crafty ladies and gents!!  Did you know that 99 dollars will get you started on crafting your own home decor and gift items...sewing ladies,paper crafters. painters and hobbyists alike. This is new and fun and quick and easy!! What is it you say??? Chalk Couture..pastes and inks and transfers as well as magnetic chalk boards. make to sell your decor, make to decorate your home. or make and sell online or at vendor fairs.. Let's talk!!!

Chalk Couture makes over 40 beautiful color Chalkology pastes to use on their awesome selection of vinyl screen print transfers to  use on many surfaces, starting with their beautiful High Quality Magnetic Chalk boards.  YYou can also use on glass, mirrors, whiteboards,tin, wood paper and so much more.  The pastes are washable and removable with plain water, so you can change it with the seasons or holidays..or you can spray and seal for longer lasting.

The company also has inks which are permanent to use on fabrics such as pillows, towels clothing..etc and remain permanent with heat setting.

The transfers are reusable and the inks and pastes will last a while depending on size of transfers used.

Minimum requirement to remain a designer for Chalk Coture is $150.00 QUARTERLY..that is it..easily attainable. People LOVE IT..
So, what are you waiting for??  Join my team will love it!!!

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